Finding a Home in Seattle

Seattle is the economic, cultural and social hub of the Pacific Northwest. With a population of around 662,000, the city is a growing and vibrant urban center - a great place to find a home. Seattle's many neighborhoods (numbering at least 180 according to the Seattle Department of Neighborhoods)  reflect the diversity of its residents and offer their own unique businesses, parks and other amenities - many of which are located within walking distance of homes. When considering moving to Seattle you will find the local neighborhoods provide the cultural diversity, richness and sophistication of a large city. Yet, the small-town feeling of each area gives Seattle residents a sense of community.

Looking to find a home around the Seattle area? Moving out of the City of Seattle in any direction, North, South, East or West  are numerous cities and communities.  Like Seattle's neighborhoods, each has a distinct identity, with a unique character and charm.   From the larger urban centers like Tacoma,  Bellevue and Everett, to tiny Beaux Arts Village (population 295) there is a place to fit everyone's idea of their perfect home town. 
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For a more detailed description of Seattle's neighborhoods and the surrounding cities, view the current edition of the Greater Seattle InfoGuide.